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Conventional and Organic aromatic materials: essential oils, flower waters, concretes and absolutes are materials we supply usually on large scale, but we serve many small proprietors in cosmetics, perfumery and industry. Extensive experience and capabilities are behind our chain of production and supply.

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Accreditation allows the Research laboratory to perform testing on:

  • Natural aromatic products – essential oils, extraction products (concretes, absolutes, resins, plant extracts
  • Synthetic aromatic products and isolates
  • Tobacco sauces and compositions
  • Essences for food aromatizing
  • Cosmetic products
  • Chemical preparations for consumer goods
  • Substances and materials for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry

The Research laboratory is accredited to issue documents pertaining to product quality. Bulgarian Rose Co. is an established name in the field of:

  • Natural aromatic products – essential oils and extraction products
  • Perfumery and cosmetic products
  • Synthetic aromatic materials
  • Perfume compositions and flavors
  • Sauces and aromatics for the tobacco industry
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